Gulf Air Ethiopia Aircraft Changes

We are providing information here for those planning their travel for the PLC Medical Mission to Ethiopia. Gulf Air is expand capacity to Africa, with A330-200 aircraft serving Addis Ababa (ADD) on Saturday starting May 12 in conjunction and Khartoum (KRT) starting March 29. Route detail as follows:

Bahrain – Addis Ababa
GF705 BAH0005 – 0410ADD A330 6
GF705 BAH0005 – 0410ADD A320 13

GF706 ADD0455 – 0855BAH A320 13
GF706 ADD0510 – 0910BAH A330 6

Bahrain – Khartoum
GF703 BAH0100 – 0320KRT A332 46
GF703 BAH0100 – 0320KRT A320 x46

GF704 KRT0405 – 0820BAH A320 x46
GF704 KRT0420 – 0835BAH A332 46

If you have not done so yet, there is still time to apply for the mission trip.

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